Laurel LaFlamme, marketing consultant.

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Laurel LaFlamme said...

Hi! I'm Laurel LaFlamme, a Marketing Consultant and Digital Media Specialist.

I AM a wife & Mother. I am not a Drag Queen; although back in "the day" I FOP'd it up right well!

I was named after the Mountain Laurel; a flowering bush. A wreath of Laurel was once the greatest honor to be bestowed upon a winner and crowns of Laurel were awarded at the first Olympics.

LaFlamme is my husband's name - second generation French-Canadian. It means "...bearer & keeper of The Torch," as in Family Torch or keeping the family name & lineage alive.

George Joseph LaFlamme, my "Joey," took me to the high school prom. After graduation we were separated. Joey joined the Army and was sent away. He served 8 years and fought in the first Gulf War.

I never forgot that wonderful boy. One day, 23 years after our prom, I looked for him again. This time I located his Mother & got her on the phone. I asked if she remembered me. She said, "OF COURSE, I remember you, Laurel. Joey's been searching for you for years. He's waiting for your call! Call him at work right now!" SO I did.

At this writing, we've been togther 7 years & just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. He's my soul mate.

So, "Laurel" = honor & integrity. "LaFlamme" = Family pride & protectors of the Legacy. Laurel + LaFlamme = a REALLY great stripper name, ya think?

Hit me up on FB & say hello www.facebook.com/laurel.laflamme